David Winsness

Comstock Inc.

President, Comstock Fuels

Mr. Winsness joined Comstock as its chief technology officer in September 2021, and has served as the President of Comstock Fuels since July 2022. Mr. Winsness has spent his professional career targeting the extraction and recovery of materials from byproduct streams and repurposing those recovered materials into high value markets. Mr. Winsness previously served as GreenShift’s chief technology officer from 2006 to 2018, where he invented, developed, and commercialized the largest innovation to occur in the corn ethanol industry: backend corn oil extraction. The technology efficiently extracts corn oil from byproduct streams so that it can be sold separately without consuming any additional power or corn. The technology has been adopted by more than 95% of the 209 U.S. corn ethanol plants, where it generates more than an estimated $3.2 billion annually in additional profit for the industry. Mr. Winsness subsequently served as chief executive officer of Plain Sight Innovations LLC and its predecessor, FLUX Carbon LLC, where he led the development of a technology portfolio for cellulosic fuels and other clean technologies, focusing on advanced carbon-neutral fuels and alternatives to fossil fuels. Mr. Winsness attended Clemson University and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering.