Fortunato Villamagna, Ph.D.

Comstock Metals

President, Comstock Metals

Dr. Villamagna joined Comstock in 2023 and brings 40 years of experience in the energetic materials, hazardous materials, renewable energy, energy recovery, waste to energy, and medical as well as hazardous waste destruction industries in roles including research and development, engineering, product development, and executive management. His most recent work focused on developing and commercializing new technologies that redefine how emissions are controlled and avoided. Dr. Villamagna developed the proprietary process for recycling of end-of-life electrification products, which Comstock Metals is commercializing first in solar, and which prevents materials used in the electrification economy from being disposed of in landfills and enables the recovery of scarce and valuable metals from electrification products for reuse. Formerly, he was the CEO of Paragon Waste Solutions, LLC, a company he co-founded which advanced emission control processes he patented. His prior experience includes serving as the CEO of Texas-based Paragon Southwest Medical Waste, LLC and as a Board Member of California-based CLX, which are joint ventures that utilize the technology he developed under Paragon. He also served as Vice President of Technology for the Americas and Europe for Orica Inc. (ICI plc. Group), a global leader in mining products and services, and during his tenure with Orica, Dr. Villamagna pioneered the demilitarization business for the companies, developing and launching the munitions recycling programs at the former Indiana Army Ammunition plant, the Gray Court, SC facility, as well as the former ICI facility in Hallowell, KS. He has direct operational and start-up experience in Africa, India, Mexico, and Canada, and worked on joint programs in Australia, New Zealand, and Europe. Dr. Villamagna earned a Ph.D. from McGill University in Physical & Computational Chemistry in Montreal, CN, a MSc in Spectroscopy/Physical Chemistry and a BSc Honors degree in Chemistry from Concordia University in Montreal, CN, as well as a DCS in Analytical Chemistry from Dawson College in Montreal, CN and an MBA in Global Management from University of Phoenix, Denver, CO.