Q: Do you have an update on Mercury Clean Up?

A: Thank you for the Question.  Clean Mercury Remediation Technologies, that is, MCU Philippine Inc.’s joint venture, has received its remaining permit and commenced full operations in the venture’s first commercial mercury remediation system in the province of Davao D’ Oro, Philippines.  We are pleased to restart remediating mercury, extracting gold and initiating sales of sand and gravel. We will need a number of months of operations before we have stability of revenues and costs, but the team is deployed and operating with full local support.

Q: Why start in the Philippines?

A: The Naboc River in Davao D’ Oro, in the Philippines, has long been a channel for effluents of mining activities, with hundreds of historical mining operations without sufficient tailing ponds to prevent releases of toxic, mercury-laden discharges. That history is evidenced by high levels of mercury and other contaminants in the local ecosystem, according to the Philippine’s Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), with whom we work closely.

MCU’s facility is designed to remediate mercury contamination from the entire local ecosystem, thereby reviving a 24 kilometer stretch of the Naboc River and restoring all of its downstream irrigation systems for safe use, while extracting and selling residual gold and cleaned sand, soil and gravel co-products for multiple revenue streams.

You can find more information on our prior CEO BLOG here:

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