VIRGINIA CITY, NEVADA, April 11, 2023 – Comstock Inc. (NYSE: LODE) (“Comstock” and the “Company”) today announced the board of directors of Comstock Inc. nominated and appointed Dr. Güez Salinas, as a new independent director to the Company’s Board of Directors and appointed Mr. Walter “Del” Marting as the Chairman of the Company’s Audit and Finance Committee.  The Company also announced the resignation of Mr. Judd Merrill as a director of the company, all effective as of April 5, 2023. 

Dr. Salinas has over 30 years of professional experience in the areas of engineering, strategy, finance, corporate management, and business development, with a primary focus on cyber-security and artificial intelligence policy and is currently an international cyber security expert at the Pacific Council on International Policy.  Dr. Salinas has also been advising Quantum Generative Materials LLC (“GenMat”) on strategy and commercialization.  

Dr. Salinas also founded and serves as the Director Emeritus of The Polymathic Academy for the Teaching of the Humanities & Sciences (“The PATH”) where he mentors and develops students’ multidisciplinary entrepreneurial pursuits. He also co-founded and serves as the Executive Director for The Law Enforcement Work Inquiry System (“LEWIS”), where, in partnership with Microsoft Corporation, serves as a touchpoint between peace officers and the community.  Dr. Salinas, a U.S. Marine, also held positions in banking and private equity.  
“We are honored to welcome Dr. Salinas and his perspective on the commercialization and rapidly growing positive impacts of generative artificial intelligence, and the security thereof, on our markets and society overall,” stated Mr. Corrado De Gasperis, Comstock’s executive chairman and chief executive officer. “His direct work with GenMat has forged an alignment and productivity that complements the current competencies of our Board.” 

Mr. Marting was elected to the board of directors of Comstock in April of 2018. He is the Founder and Managing Member of CereCare, LLC, D/B/A Brain Health Restoration since March 2017, a firm focused on providing breakthrough rehabilitation treatment for individuals, including numerous veterans, suffering from brain disease, traumatic brain injury and related substance use disorders, most commonly alcoholism and opioid addictions.  

Mr. Marting is also a deeply experienced mining, financial, capital markets, transactional and corporate governance executive. Mr. Marting graduated from Yale University in 1969, with a BA in English and holds an MBA from Harvard Business School. Mr. Marting is a Navy veteran, including service with US Navy SEAL Team Two. 

“Del’s experience and counsel has been invaluable over the past five years, including his long tenure as a member of our Audit Committee, which he will now lead,” continued Mr. Corrado De Gasperis, Comstock’s executive chairman and chief executive officer. “We are sorry to see Judd step down and could not be more appreciative of his contributions and leadership on our board. I consider him one of the most reliable, professional, trustworthy and productive professionals I have ever worked with.  We wish him nothing but success in his future endeavors.” 

About Comstock  

Comstock (NYSE: LODE) commercializes innovative technologies that contribute to global decarbonization by efficiently converting under-utilized natural resources, primarily, woody biomass into net zero renewable fuels, end of life metal extraction, and generative AI-enabled advanced materials synthesis and mineral discovery.  

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