In this session, learn how Comstock Fuels unlocks the decarbonization power of lignocellulosic biomass through our patented technology innovations and how we’re enabling next generation Short Cycle, Carbon-Neutral Biofuels to decarbonize transportation fuels. Presented by David Winsness and followed by a deeper dive panel conversation moderated by Corrado De Gasperis with Rahul Bobbili and Chad Michael Black.

  • Learn why enhanced short-cycle biofuels are better and how we unlock the path to this market-changing feedstock
  • Take a deeper deep on our market solutions and the path to getting there
  • Find out how we enable afforestation while leveraging and creating more value in today’s transportation infrastructure


David Winsness

President, Comstock Fuels

Corrado De Gasperis

Director, Executive Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer

Chad Michael Black

Director of Business Development

Rahul Bobbili

Chief Engineer, Comstock Fuels