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What is UPLODE23?

How will we responsibly source the materials that make our world run? Will we ever learn to prioritize the planet while growing our profit margins? Sustainability is, for some, a new way to drive commercial progress. For others, it’s an opportunity to do great things for the planet. For a select few, it’s both.

UPLODE, our annual summit on emerging technologies is a current exploration of the impacts our innovations and commercialization underway can bring. A chance to discover inspiring new opportunities to reimagine your businesses or investment strategies to thrive in a carbon-neutral future. 


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What does ‘new ground’ mean in the face of the world’s carbon and material development challenges? More importantly, how do we continue to innovate for the good of our environment and tap into the most compelling commercialization opportunities hiding in plain sight? This technology showcase highlights the independent dedication of our specialized business teams and critical assets working together in a uniquely systemic way that can change the way you think about achieving sustainability and the commercial potential of industrial decarbonization.


Get to know the incredible region that makes up the Comstock Historic District and the organization striving to protect and elevate the structures that make it special.

In this session, learn how Comstock Fuels unlocks the decarbonization power of lignocellulosic biomass through our patented technology innovations and how we’re enabling next generation Short Cycle, Carbon-Neutral Biofuels to decarbonize transportation fuels. Presented by David Winsness and followed by a deeper dive panel conversation moderated by Corrado De Gasperis with Rahul Bobbili and Chad Michael Black.

  • Learn why enhanced short-cycle biofuels are better and how we unlock the path to this market-changing feedstock
  • Take a deeper deep on our market solutions and the path to getting there
  • Find out how we enable afforestation while leveraging and creating more value in today’s transportation infrastructure

In electrification, the opportunity to foster carbon neutrality in a commercially beneficial way requires that we abandon what we think we know about recycling and operate in new, more sustainable ways. In this session, we investigate the technological process Comstock Metals uses to keep scarce materials out of landfills and dominate the lucrative near-term opportunities that decommissioned solar panels presents, and follow it up with a deeper conversation on the subject between Corrado De Gasperis and Fortunato Villamagna.

  • Learn the latest about electrification’s growing importance for decarbonization
  • Find out why solar panels are the most urgent commercialization opportunity
  • Hear our strategies for avoiding environmental degradation and augmenting materials to create value

Innovation in mining has never been more challenging than it is today. In this session, we explore how Comstock Mining can push the sector into the modern era using unmatched expertise and AI-powered technology to increase yield, decrease ecological impact, and prove that the iconic Comstock lode is still rich with untapped mineral discoveries. After the presentation, Corrado will moderate a conversation between key players from Comstock Mining’s team, including Mike Norred, Chris Peterson, and Deep Prasad.

  • Hear our take on the end of conventional mining methods and how strategic investments in technology can increase efficiency
  • Get a deep dive on the legacy of innovation that Comstock and how it empowers us to reach previously untapped gold sources with reduced environmental impact
  • Get your first look at GenMat, a Comstock company designed to expand the discovery of minerals and push mining into a new era

Innovation in material development officially has a name: GenMat. The gaps in capabilities across the sustainability and decarbonization space are vast, a fact that has opened the door for a dynamic new company capable of driving discovery and reimagining advances in technology through a material development lens. GenMat is poised to own the lucrative opportunities the next era of material development holds, and in this session, we’ll discuss how our proprietary AI-generated physics libraries will enable us to commercialize decarbonization for a myriad of business sectors. This thrilling look into the future will be followed by a one-on-one chat between Corrado De Gasperis and Deep Prasad.

  • Learn how GenMat can solve bigger challenges in sustainable material development faster and with unprecedented precision
  • Hear how GenMat will usher in the fourth industrial revolution
  • Get the scoop on how GenMat employs new standards of quantum sensing and material science to produce in one day what would typically take two years