Innovation in mining has never been more challenging than it is today. In this session, we explore how Comstock Mining can push the sector into the modern era using unmatched expertise and AI-powered technology to increase yield, decrease ecological impact, and prove that the iconic Comstock lode is still rich with untapped mineral discoveries. After the presentation, Corrado will moderate a conversation between key players from Comstock Mining’s team, including Mike Norred, Chris Peterson, and Deep Prasad.

  • Hear our take on the end of conventional mining methods and how strategic investments in technology can increase efficiency
  • Get a deep dive on the legacy of innovation that Comstock and how it empowers us to reach previously untapped gold sources with reduced environmental impact
  • Get your first look at GenMat, a Comstock company designed to expand the discovery of minerals and push mining into a new era


Corrado De Gasperis

Director, Executive Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer

Michael Norred

Director of Strategic Resource Planning & Development

Chris Peterson

General Manager

Deep Prasad

Founder and CEO